Anonymous asked: “ If a friend is going through rough times, this is a nice song to dedicate. Beauty In The Broken by Hyland ”

I’ll have to send it on. Thank you.

Anonymous asked: “ Victor-Victoria, The Sound of Music or Mary Poppins? ”

The Sound of Music. Definitely.

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Sometimes you need to put down the Music Theory books and break into song. So we did.

Think twice about becoming vegan

In today’s trendy artsy world, more and more young people are becoming vegan every single day. The reason most of these people become vegan is for the protection and welfare of animals. They encourage vegan meals, no meat, cheese, dairy, eggs etc. What most vegans do not realise is that there is a dirty underworld to the growing and manufacturing of this disgusting world trade that is kept well hidden from society.

Above is a picture taken in Indonesia of a carrot being prepared and slaughtered. The carrots are first skinned, then drowned, and can be eaten raw or are cooked in boiling water.

Also above is a disturbing picture of potatoes being ripped from their home. The preparation is the same as the carrots.

Bananas grow together in a herd. When they ripen, they are stolen from their family, and whilst they are still alive their skin is peeled back and their entire body is usually in eaten in about 6 bites.



A Lion Named Roar- Desert Wind- Huddle Sessions

nostalgicpatter asked: “ What's your lion's name? (Start with a Q perhaps?) "Desert Wind" by A Lion Named Roar ”

I have a stuffed lion named Reginald. But there is also a girl that happens to make very lion-like sounds in the morning when she finally awakes from her slumber.

The song is really good by the way! I found a cool version of it, will post in a moment.